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LLG exists to promote responsible planning, use, and protection of the rare and irreplaceable land and water resources between the Livingstone Range and the Porcupine Hills in Southwestern Alberta, Canada.

Finding Water Video


Headwaters film released for World Water Day (March 22nd, 2020)

Finding Water Video Link »» (24:55)

Finding Water: Healthy Land, Healthy Stream is a visually stunning and deeply informative exploration of the headwaters of the Oldman River on the eastern slopes of the Canadian Rockies. 

Finding Water was produced with the help of a grant from the Alberta Land Stewardship Centre’s Watershed Stewardship Grant Program.

Handle With Care (painting) by Janifer Calvez

Taking an active role in how the footprint of development, whatever its form, impacts the natural diversity, esthetics, and cultural significance of rural life so that it may be sustained and enjoyed for future generations.