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Oil & Gas Development

Power Lines & Wind Energy

Livingstone Landowners Group response to the MAC report. 

This document clearly defines the Livingstone Landowners Group position on CBM (coal bed methane) development in our area. Please Read!

Geography of Hope

You are driving through the "geography of hope" This is the leaflet that was handed out to people stopped at the Highway 22 stoplight near Chain Lakes over the September long weekend. Download your copy, fill it in and send it today. 

Pertinent Information on Tight Gas, Sour Gas, and CBM (coalbed methane) 

This documents provides the facts on Compton Petroleum's pursuit of “tight gas,” dirty gas (sour) and coal bed methane (CBM) in Alberta. 

Compton Petroleum CBM Fact Sheet.pdf 

MAC Preliminary Findings

An in depth paper of preliminary findings on issues, recommendations, concerning CBM (coal bed methane) development in Alberta. Prepared by CBM/NGC Multi-Stakeholder Advisory Committee. 


What EPA and Oil and Gas Industry Don't Want Us To Know About Hydraulic Fracturing. This document prepared (OGAP) Oil and Gas Accountability Project. OGAP is reportedly the only organization in the USA with the sole mission of working with tribal, urban and rural communities to protect their homes and the environment from the devastating impacts of oil and gas development. 

Some Terminology Explained Concerning Tight Gas Exploitation. 

Press Releases 

CHR - Compton Appeals

Other Documents 

LLR PROGRAM PERFORMANCE SUMMARY JUNE 2005. The LLR program started in May 2002. Industry LLR is the ratio of total “deemed assets” to total “deemed liabilities” for all licensees subject to the LLR Program as defined by the parameters in EUB Directive 006. 

Jillian Lawson's Letter

Read Jillian Lawson's excellent letter regarding Livingstone Landowners Group opposition to non-conventional gas development. 

This Land Is Their Land 

An audit of the regulation of the Oil and Gas Industry in B.C. This is a detailed and extensive document that covers landowner rights, environmental protection and more. Prepared by the Sierra Legal Defense Fund 2005. 

The Good and Bad of the Compton Ruling 

Editorial comment that appeared in the Calgary Herald June 24, 2005 written by Andrew Nikiforuk concerning an EUB decision to approve more sour gas wells on the city of Calgary's doorstep. 

Impact of Oil and Gas Development on Rural Residential Property Values

An assortment of oil gas terms - explained